Iron Horse Legacy, Book 9

Confirmed bachelor Pierce Turner, aka UTAH, left active duty when politics cost his Marine Force Recon friend his life. An only child, Pierce didn’t have much of a childhood. He was an adult as soon as he learned to talk. Not a fan of kids, he thinks they’re messy, cry a lot and are extremely annoying. Tired of fighting and killing, all he wants is to work his construction day-job. When he’s off, he intends to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Montana Crazy Mountains and have a beer or two whenever the mood takes him.

Forced to train as an assassin, Liza lives in constant fear for her daughter’s life. Her handler promises he’ll hurt her daughter if Liza doesn’t do what she’s told to do. Given her first killing assignment, Liza balks. When she can’t bring herself to make the kill, she takes her girl and makes her escape only to run out of gas on a deserted road in the Crazy Mountains.

When he stops to help a stranded woman and her little girl, UTAH isn’t sure what he signed up for. Certainly not having to keep them safe indefinitely. And in his own home. Funny how a man who dislikes children is quickly wrapped around a little girl’s finger and how her mother finds her way into his stone-cold heart. He’ll do anything to keep them safe, even kill.


Twisted Page Inc
March 21, 2023
ISBN-13: 9781626955097
ISBN-10: 1626955093

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