Iron Horse Legacy, Book 7

Former Delta Force Operator, Mike “Grimm” Reaper, wants nothing to do with war, fighting or danger, other than from falling beams or tripping over building supplies. He sure isn’t eager to go back into protection service. After his stint with the Army and as a member of an elite protection service in Afghanistan, he has no desire to become a bodyguard or anything else that might make him responsible for another person’s life besides his own. He wants nothing more than to pound nails and be left alone.

Dezi Thomas is determinedly freethinking and as happy as Grimm is…well…grim. As the new chef at the Lucky Lady Lodge, she’s excited to try out her recipes on the team of men hired to help with the lodge renovations. When she receives a package from an attorney with her inheritance from her late uncle, she thinks it’s cute that he left her a treasure hunt. When the attorney who sent it is reported dead and someone breaks into Dezi’s room at the lodge, she finds herself in danger she never expected and in need of protection.

After Grimm deflects the first attempt on Dezi’s life, he’s thrust into the unwelcome responsibility of keeping the sweet and tasty Dezi alive. Thrown together, they struggle against a growing attraction while they work through the clues to figure out who is behind the break-in and why Dezi has become a target.


Twisted Page Inc
September 20, 2022
ISBN-13: 9781626957015
ISBN-10: 1626957010

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