June 20, 2023

Iron Horse Legacy, Book 10

Former Delta Force Operative Joe “Judge” Smith came to work at the Lucky Lady Lodge to help rebuild the old girl to her former glory. Tired of killing, he wants to shoot a nail gun, not a military-grade rifle. Since arriving at the lodge in Montana, he and his team have been embroiled in one dangerous mission after another, unable to avoid using their combat training to help people defend themselves against evil. During the grand reopening of the lodge, Judge foils a man’s attempt to plant explosives, bent on destroying Judge’s team. In the fight that ensues, the man falls to his death. The local sheriff’s department identifies the man is the brother of a leader in a local militia bent on reshaping the US in their version of “right”.

The dead man’s brother wants revenge. Female trained assassin, PJ, has been tasked to kill Judge for killing the leader’s brother. Unwilling to kill Judge, she kidnaps him and holds him hostage in a mine until she can figure out how to take out the leaders of the militia, including the most elusive one. Cutting off the head of the snake could bring the organization down. Only then can she be free of their threats to hurt her friends if she doesn’t kill her assigned targets. With a looming deadline to provide proof of her kill, she’s forced to accept Judge’s help to find and eliminate the leaders of the militia before they activate other assassins to kill PJ’s friends and the rest of Judge’s team.

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