Ranger’s Baby

Iron Horse Legacy, Book 2

Duncan McKinnon is on leave from the Army Rangers to help his brothers find their missing father. Having sustained a shrapnel wound to the leg, his continued military service is up before a medical review board. A chance meeting in the airport with the woman he’d seduced on his last trip home makes him want to launch a mission to rekindle their desire. But if the military boots him out, he’ll be jobless and unable to support himself or anyone else that comes along.

Fiona Guthrie left Eagle Rock, Montana after a short-lived love affair with the one guy she’d never stopped loving. Relegated to the friend-zone in high school, she’d given up hope on Duncan McKinnon until one fateful night when he’d been home on leave. Their one-night stand only reinforced the fact Duncan was the only man for her and the baby created from their short union. Now she’s back in Eagle Rock, running for her life and the life of their baby girl. She needs his help to save herself and their daughter from someone who wants them dead.

When Duncan learns Fiona and her little girl are in trouble, he vows to protect them with his life, not quite understanding the incredible connection he has to the little girl who looks nothing like Fiona and more like him. The threat plaguing Fiona might just expose a connection to the McKinnon brothers’ missing father.


Twisted Page Inc
July 30, 2019
ISBN-13: 9781626952591
ISBN-10: 1626952590

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