SEAL’s Vow

Iron Horse Legacy, Book 4

Sebastian “Bastian” McKinnon and Jenna Meyers

Real estate agent Jenna Meyers is in a good position to work a side job as a private investigator searching for the money stolen from a bank. On a routine visit to a potential listing, Jenna discovers a grisly scene in an abandoned home. Her first thought is Squatters. A closer look reveals the house had been used as a place of torture. A chance sighting of someone lurking in the woods nearby leaves Jenna fearful for her life.

When Sebastian McKinnon catches wind of the torture site, he vows to protect Jenna, convinced the victim tortured could have been his missing father. If the maniac conducting the torture thinks Jenna saw him, he might come after her, giving Sebastian the chance to capture him and learn the whereabouts of the Iron Horse Ranch patriarch. Together, Sebastian and Jenna struggle to find answers and stay alive while a firestorm builds in the Crazy Mountains of Montana.


Twisted Page Inc
February 25, 2020
ISBN-13: 9781626952690
ISBN-10: 1626952698

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