Marine’s Promise

Iron Horse Legacy, Book 3

US Marine, Colin McKinnon, fell in love with Emily in high school, but when he elected to join the Marine Corps, Emily chose to marry Colin’s best friend, Alex, preferring a safe and secure life. Brokenhearted but resolute, at their wedding, Colin promised Alex he’d take care of Emily if anything ever happened to Alex.

Though Emily loved Colin more, she married Alex, one of her best friends. She couldn’t abide the heartache of Colin marching into harm’s way. Alex was the safe choice with a career in accounting. When someone runs their car off the road, Alex is killed, and Emily miscarries their baby. In her search for answers to who would want them dead, Emily realizes Alex was into something deeper than simple accounting. Her search for the truth, lands her in danger. Colin, on leave to search for his missing father, remembers his promise to Alex and is set on keeping Emily safe. Together, they unravel the mystery of who wanted Alex dead. In the process, they rediscover the love they never forgot, and uncover another clue in the quest to find Colin’s missing father.

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