Soldier’s Duty

Iron Horse Legacy, Book 1

When their father disappeared into the Crazy Mountains, the McKinnon boys had to grow up fast. Angus McKinnon, the oldest, had just completed his fourth deployment with the elite Delta Forces when he was called home. He ended his Army career to return to the family ranch and help his mother. He was supposed to come back and marry his girlfriend, but she hadn’t waited for him. After he left to join the military, she left, too. Regret burns hot in Angus over leaving his military career and brothers in arms, as well as for losing the girl he loved.

Bree Lansing was brokenhearted when Angus left to join the military. Though she promised to wait for his return on leave, fate played an evil hand. During a confrontation with her stepfather in the barn, he fell and she left vowing never to return. Later she learned the barn burned with her stepfather in it. Bree moves to Alaska and starts a new life there. She refuses to regret her stepfather’s death, but fears returning to Montana, afraid she’ll be charged with killing him. When her mother falls ill, Bree must return home and face her guilt and fear while keeping the man she once loved at a distance. She can’t let him close when her secrets could ruin her life and his by association.

With Bree back in town, Angus dares to dream of a happily-ever-after. If only he can convince her that he never stopped loving her, even though she didn’t wait. What he doesn’t understand is how accident-prone she’s become since she’s returned. When the accidents turn near deadly, he pulls Bree into his protective embrace. Sparks fly and the years melt away, leaving their emotions fiery and raw. Someone is trying to kill Bree, but perhaps more troubling is the desire building between them, hotter than even in their teenaged years.

Together, they fight to keep Bree alive and discover the culprit behind the attacks. In the process, they unearth a clue about the disappearance of the Iron Horse patriarch.

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