Breaking Ties

Delta Force Strong, Book 6

To Delta Force soldier Doug “Dawg” Masters, being a Delta Force Operator is his life. He’d never consider marriage or children because his job is too dangerous, taking him far away too often to make a home or raise a family. When his buddies start pairing off, Dawg’s satisfaction with his life dims. Maybe he should give love a chance. Only the woman he has in mind has him at arm’s length…except for that one scorching kiss.

Army nurse Beth Drennan broke up with her doctor fiancé because he was more interested in doing good for everyone else but them. After he postponed their wedding for the third time, she broke up and moved on. When a single kiss from a sexy Delta shakes her to her core, she second guesses her initial engagement. A request to assist in a humanitarian mission in Africa with her ex-fiancé gives Beth the opportunity to determine if dumping him was the right decision, or if what she feels for the Delta might just be the heat she’d been yearning for.

When Beth is kidnapped, Dawg and his fellow Deltas are given the mission to extract the kidnapped medical staff and return them to the States. Beth faces an enemy who wants her for her skills and will kill her when she’s no longer needed, a fresh proposal from her ex-fiancé and the red-hot passion of a man who makes her burn to her very core.


Twisted Page Inc
July 27, 2021
ISBN-13: 9781626953666
ISBN-10: 162695366X

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