Breaking Point

Delta Force Strong, Book 7

Delta Force Operative John “Tank” Sanders is a few years away from retirement. The old man on the team, he keeps his head down and his heart guarded. Burned in a relationship as a young man, he’s sworn off getting involved. Love isn’t for him and no woman is worth the effort. To save money while building a house, he moves into his RV and parks it at a local trailer park.

Collette McCallick has been fighting an uphill battle since getting pregnant at 16. After years scraping by, raising her daughter, she’s finally at a point she’s pursuing her nursing degree. Going to school full time and working part-time leaves her teenaged daughter home alone more than she cares for. After her new trailer park neighbor, a quiet Delta Force soldier comes to their rescue with his plumbing skills, she’s hopeful that someone in her neighborhood can check in on her daughter while she’s away.

When Collette’s daughter disappears on her way home from school, Collette turns to the Delta Force soldier for help, knowing the longer the teenager is missing, the less possibility of finding her alive. Together, they follow a trail of clues and discover a passion neither wanted nor can deny.


Twisted Page Inc
September 21, 2021
ISBN-13: 9781626953659
ISBN-10: 1626953651

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