Breaking Away

Delta Force Strong, Book 3

Delta Force Operative Sean “Mac” McDaniels fell in love early on in his Army career. The girl, though she loved him, wanted to pursue her career in journalism before she settled down and married. Knowing he couldn’t hold her back, he let her go. In the years to come, no other woman ever held that place in his heart.

Kylie Adams loved Mac but chose to pursue her love of journalism first. Years later, she’s wondering if she made the wrong choice. A successful war correspondent in Afghanistan, she’s on the cusp of wanting more out of life than a career. Tagging along on an extraction mission with the Army, she ends up killing the brother of a high-powered Taliban leader. This action earns her a price on her head. Assigned a protector until she can get out of the country, she’s pleased that it’s a Delta Force soldier, her first love, Mac.

Together they navigate a war-torn country and their own feelings for each other. If they live through the terror, they might buy themselves a second chance at love.


Twisted Page Inc
October 20, 2020
ISBN-13: 9781626953772
ISBN-10: 1626953775

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