Breaking Promises

Delta Force Strong, Book 9

Delta Force Operative Asher Gray otherwise known as “Smoke” is on temporary assignment to the American embassy in Jerusalem. Never one to get involved too deeply with the opposite sex, he finds he can’t keep his eyes or hands off the ambassador’s assistant who happens to be a trained bodyguard.

Danica “Danny” Turner learned her fighting skills in the Army and then in the MMA arena. When she’d had enough of beating her opponent’s heads in, she took the cushy job of bodyguard assistant to the US ambassador to Israel only to find a Delta playing double duty to her assignment. Though she’s hot about having a man as backup, she can’t help falling for the annoying man.

When Smoke ditches her at a formal function to fight a Delta team mission, she doesn’t have time to get angry. Not when the function’s security is compromised, and she’s taken, hostage.

Smoke and his team of Deltas realize their mission was a distraction to take them away from the function. When they return to Jerusalem, they discover they have to find Danny and rescue her before the Taliban kill her or sell her into the sex trade.

Smoke will stop at nothing to save Danny from her captors and to confess how he feels about her.


Twisted Page Inc
March 29, 2022
ISBN-13: 9781626953826
ISBN-10: 1626953821

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