Breaking Hearts

Delta Force Strong, Book 5

Ladies’ man, Michael “Blade” Calhoun loves women. A confirmed bachelor, he knows it’s a bad move to fall in love when you’re a Delta Force Operative. He’s sworn off entanglements, preferring to love all the ladies rather than settle on one and end up breaking her heart when he leaves.

Living next door to Blade has its perks, but mostly is the bane to bartender, Sophia Phillips’s, existence. With an unfortunate crush on the man, she knows she doesn’t have a chance. He’s not into long-term romantic relationships, and she’s not his type. Stuck in friend zone, she convinces herself she’s content. Until Sophie wins a trip for two to Cancun and offers to share it with her best friend and neighbor, Blade.

After back-to-back deployments, Blade jumps at the chance to go on a stress-free vacation with a friend. It’s all margaritas and beaches until they land in the middle of a Mexican drug cartel. Their cozy beach vacation heats up along with a passion neither expected.


Twisted Page Inc
April 27, 2021
ISBN-13: 9781626953345
ISBN-10: 1626953341

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