Breaking Dawn

December 28, 2021

Delta Force Strong, Book 8

Lance Rankin never wanted to marry. Not since he met the woman of his dreams on a secret mission working with a female Israeli Special Forces operator to infiltrate a Palestinian stronghold to rescue a captured diplomat. After their mission, his female counterpart disappeared, he returned to his unit and the US never to see her again. His teammates think it’s time he found a woman and settled down.

Mika Blue disappeared, leaving behind the world she grew up in to save her life. She moved to America, changed her name, and started over after her parents were murdered for what she had done and all she stood for. When her past comes calling, she knows only one person she can trust. And he happens to be on vacation nearby.

Thinking he’s being set up on a blind date, Lance comes face to face with his past and a maelstrom of emotions and trouble when Mika sails back into his life complete with a faction bent on murdering her and anyone, she holds dear. Together, they navigate two continents to find their way back to love.


Twisted Page Inc
December 28, 2021
ISBN-13: 9781626956834
ISBN-10: 1626956839

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