Tactical Takeover

Brotherhood Protectors Colorado, Book 4

Former Navy SEAL, Sawyer Johnson’s career as a SEAL is over. He’s the survivor of an attack that killed two of his buddies and cost him the use of his left hand. Out of the military and aimless, he receives a job offer and a ticket to fly to Colorado Springs. On the flight, he meets a woman who is moving to Colorado to free her brother from a militant group. Intrigued, he realizes her problem is a perfect challenge for the Brotherhood Protectors, his new place of employment.

Kinsley Brothers is a take charge, Physician Assistant and devoted big sister. When her brother gets caught up in a radical survivalist group, she pulls up stakes and moves to Colorado to rescue her sibling from the dangerous and charismatic leader of the cult. In over her head, she gladly accepts an offer of assistance from the Brotherhood Protectors.

Assigned to aid and protect Kinsley, Sawyer has his job cut out for him with the headstrong woman who is used to doing things her way. To get her brother out, they must infiltrate the cult’s mountain hideout. The ticking timebomb they discover will take the entire team to diffuse.


Twisted Page Inc
August 24, 2021
ISBN-13: 9781626953574
ISBN-10: 1626953570

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