High Country Hero

Brotherhood Protectors Colorado, Book 12

They called him a hero…

Lauded for his daring rescue of a medical team captured by Islamic State terrorists, Navy SEAL Enrico “Rico” Cortez feels like anything but a hero. His friend and fellow teammate lost his life during that rescue. Plagued by PTSD, Rico leaves the Navy. Reluctantly, he accepts his only job offer, joining the Brotherhood Protectors in Colorado.

War veteran Laurel Layne came home to Fool’s Gold Colorado, the only place she’d ever felt safe. Having survived terrorist torture and captivity, she only wants to feel sunshine on her cheeks and be surrounded by beautiful flowers and the people she loves. Her happy façade hides deep scars she’d hoped to bury with the barrel in which she’d been held captive.

When Laurel becomes the target of a stalker, the Brotherhood Protectors step in with a bodyguard to provide her twenty-four-seven protection until the perpetrator is caught.

Enter Rico Cortez on his first assignment…

How hard could it be to protect a beautiful, small-town florist? Rico is reminded all too soon that when he allows emotion to intrude, the level of difficulty and danger expands exponentially. Before he realizes what’s happened, he finds himself falling for his pretty client who is caught in a killer’s sights.


Twisted Page Inc
September 19, 2023
ISBN-13: 9781626955332
ISBN-10: 1626955336

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