Rocky Mountain Venom

April 25, 2023

Brotherhood Protectors Colorado, Book 11

Vincent ‘Venom’ Jones, former Navy SEAL sniper, left the Navy after a Taliban kill resulted in collateral damage—the death of a child. Out of the military, and unsure of his future, he’s recruited by Hank Patterson and Jake Cogburn of the Brotherhood Protectors. He accepts the position on one condition…he refuses to protect children.

At her former Army buddy’s insistence, Maria Elena left her boyfriend, drug cartel boss Diablo, in the Texas border town of El Paso and escaped to Colorado. All she wants is a chance for her and her daughter to start over, free of the cartel and her daughter’s abusive father. Only the cartel boss doesn’t let go of what he considers his.

When Venom rescues a pretty woman and her child from an attempted kidnapping on his first day in Fool’s Gold, he can’t turn his back and let someone else protect them. Against his better judgment, he takes the assignment to provide their protection where their lives and his heart are at risk of total destruction.

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