Colorado Cold Case

Brotherhood Protectors Colorado, Book 8

Sole survivor of a mission gone wrong, Griff left the Navy to recover from his wounds and grief. The one woman he’d grown to love had left San Diego while he’d been deployed and hadn’t returned or reached out. When Jake Cogburn offered him a job in Colorado, he agreed to check it out, never expecting he’d find the one who ditched him upside down in a ditch near the headquarters of Brotherhood Protectors Colorado.


When her sister was murdered in Colorado, Rachel West left her job as a California Highway Patrolman in San Diego and left the man with whom she’d been falling in love. In Fool’s Gold, she joined the sheriff’s department to protect others from a similar fate. In the background of doing her job, Rachel works the cold case of sister’s murder. Finally, onto a clue, she has become the target of the killer. She turns to Brotherhood Protectors for help. On her way to meet with them at the Lost Valley Ranch, her car is run off the road and flips upside-down. The one person she never thought she’d see again pulls her from the wreckage.


Though he’s still struggling with PTSD and afraid to expose his heart again, Griff can’t leave Rachel unprotected. He offers to take her as his first assignment. As they close in on the truth, their love rekindles, and danger closes in on them. 


Twisted Page Inc
July 26, 2022
ISBN-13: 9781626953949
ISBN-10: 1626953945

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