Free Fall

Brotherhood Protectors Colorado, Book 7

He pushes limits, tempting death…

Former Green Beret, Matteo “Tayo” Perez is a risk-taking adrenalin junky with a load of survivor’s guilt trying to find his way in a civilian world. He’s working in construction and moonlighting as a sky-diving instructor when he’s offered a position with Brotherhood Protectors Colorado. Glad to find a job utilizing his Army training, he accepts.

Kayla Quinn left Florida for Colorado Springs to start over after 2 years of grieving the loss of her fiancé. After landing a job as a receptionist at the general aviation airport terminal, she starts dating a sexy sky-diving instructor. Just when Kayla is getting her life back on track, a cagy plane owner accepts delivery of several crates that make Kayla suspicious. Snooping into the contents of the crates, her life goes from on track to derailed in seconds.

She needs someone to save her from a fate worse than death…

 When Kayla goes missing from her post, Tayo makes finding her his first mission as a Brotherhood Protector. He and his teammates join forces to find the missing woman. Their search leads to an island nation where Tayo parachutes in for the rescue. He and Kayla escape into the jungle, where they can’t deny their growing attraction while fighting to stay alive.


Twisted Page Inc
April 26, 2022
ISBN-13: 9781626953789
ISBN-10: 1626953783

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