Bayou Brotherhood, Book 1

Retired Navy SEAL Remy Montagne left the Navy to take on a career where he could make a difference. After a short vacation to his old hometown of Mambaloa Bayou and a casual hookup with local woman, Shalby Taylor, he joins Hank Patterson’s Brotherhood Protectors in Montana.

Sheriff’s Deputy Shelby Taylor grew up in Mambaloa Bayou and chose to work for the people of the parish by protecting them from criminals. Attacked and left for dead in the bayou, she’s rescued by an old fisherman. She has no memory of what happened and no memory of the attack or her hookup with Remy. When her safety is compromised, her sister calls on Remy to protect Shelby until whoever tried to kill her is caught.

Remy returns to Mamabloa Bayou to protect Shelby and is shocked that she has no memory of him or the passionate night they spent together. Together, they struggle to discover the identity of whoever is after her and why someone would want to kill her. In the process, a fresh flame of passion ignites between them but might be extinguished if the killer makes good his threats.


Twisted Page Inc
July 25, 2023
ISBN-13: 9781626955172
ISBN-10: 1626955174

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