October 1, 2024

Bayou Brotherhood, Book 5

Navy SEAL, Rafael Romero, left the military to marry his high school sweetheart. When he was stood up at the altar, he was left with a deep distrust of women. After a stint as a mercenary, he joins his merc team when they sign on with Bayou Brotherhood Protectors landing in a small town in Louisiana. Cursed with extreme good looks, he dates, but never commits. Rejecting a particularly persistent female ignites the wrath of her family of Voodoo practitioners. Rafael doesn’t believe in magic any more than he believes in love. He’s about to be schooled in both.

Granddaughter of Bayou Mambaloa’s resident Voodoo queen, Gisele Gautier runs a gift shop with natural remedies and voodoo souvenirs. After her cousin is shamed in public, Gisele sets out to teach the heartless bastard, Rafael, a lesson by making him fall in love with her so that she can reject him and show him how it feels. When her business and her home are targeted, she’s forced to turn to Rafael for help. Together, they search for answers. In the process, they fall victim to a passion neither expected or wanted and learn to believe in the magic of Voodoo and love.

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