Bayou Brotherhood, Book 3

As the only florist in Bayou Mambaloa, Feline Faivre is responsible for providing flowers for her best friend’s wedding. Never mind her best friend is marrying Felina’s ex-boyfriend. Stunned by his betrayal, Felina is in no hurry to trust another man in her life or with her heart.

A murder, a break-in, and a hysterical bride threaten the wedding and the annual historical event crucial to the florist’s business. Felina hires Brotherhood Protectors to help see her through the events but only if the man they assign goes undercover as her new boyfriend and wedding date. After all, she has a wedding and her ego to save.

Lucas eagerly accepts the assignment to protect Felina and be the best fake-boyfriend she’s ever had. In the process, he hopes to convince her their relationship has the potential to be real. First, he must ensure a hitchless wedding. Together, Felina and Lucas wade through troubled waters and a brewing storm only to discover a murderer among them and a passion that could reduce to rubble the wall Felina has built around her heart.

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