June 25, 2024

Bayou Brotherhood, Book 4

Raised by a single father, Beau Boyette joined the military to earn money for college. He stayed because he loved the challenge and found a family in his Airborne Ranger team. The sole survivor of a catastrophic helicopter crash that claimed the lives of his entire team, Beau left the military, worked as a mercenary, and landed with his merc team working for Bayou Brotherhood Protectors in southern Louisiana. Still searching for where he fits in the civilian world.

Daughter of state senator, Aurelie Anderson, runs her father’s philanthropy operations centered around saving the bayou. With her father up for reelection against a candidate with Cajun mafia backing, she treads a dangerous path, sneaking onto industry properties to witness blatant violations of EPA guidelines, threatening the delicate bayou echo system. Attempts to kidnap or kill Aurelie force her to go to Bayou Mambaloa to seek protection and a place to lie low until her attackers are identified and neutralized.

Assigned as Aurelie’s protector, Beau has his hands full defending Aurelie from her attackers and his heart from falling for the beautiful activist determined to make a difference in the bayou.

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