Up In Flames

Hellfire, Book 6

Former Army Ranger Chance Grayson takes chances like his name, he’s the wild child of the Grayson brothers. After his 4th tour to Afghanistan and Iraq, he left the military and returned home to Hellfire, TX. An adrenaline junky he’s afraid to slow down, afraid the memories of war will catch up. He rides a motorcycle and lives at the ranch when not at the firehouse.

A former dog handler in the Army, Kate Bradley left the military and adopted her military war dog. She hired onto the sheriff’s department on the condition the dog came with her. New in town, she moves into Lola’s apartment and goes to work, busting bad guys.

Chance teams with Kate to find a local arsonist bent on blowing up Hellfire. While working close together to determine whether the bogey is operating on his own or is an ISIS recruit, the fireman and the deputy find flames of desire smoldering beneath the surface.

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