Smoldering Desire

Hellfire, Book 3

Divorcee Rider Grayson left his high-powered job at a multi-million-dollar firm in Dallas, retreating to his hometown of Hellfire, Texas to start over. A mechanic in his own auto repair business and a volunteer firefighter, he just wants to be left alone to do what he does best, fixing things.

Salina Sanchez has daydreamed about Rider Grayson since she was a little girl growing up on the Grayson Ranch as the foreman’s daughter. She accepts she’ll never have him as they come from completely different backgrounds and cultures. They are worlds apart even though they work across the street from each other.

When a turf war flares around the convenience store, Rider steps in to protect Salina and discovers the little girl who dogged his teenaged footsteps is all grown up and one hot little spitfire. As attacks become more personal, Rider insists Salina stay with him in his apartment over the shop until the sheriff can settle the struggle. Together they feed the smoldering flames of their passion while fighting the factions who would tear them apart in Hellfire, Texas.

Warning: Flames are spreading in Hellfire, Texas.

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