Playing With Fire

Hellfire, Book 5

What started as a way to teach a young firefighter a lesson on what an older woman has to offer, Widow and designer shoe store owner Lola Engel’s hot little class on love has taken a turn for the worse. Her best and only student, Daniel Flannigan, drops out of school and avoids her altogether. Not that she intended on making her teaching career a fulltime job. But at least she’d hoped for a few weeks of distraction before classes ended. Unfortunately, her smokin’ hot firefighter has lost interest, now Lola is determined to turn that trend around, whatever it takes.

When his past catches up to him, Daniel knows he must cut all emotional ties to anyone who means anything to him, or risk that person becoming a target of a stalker with a vendetta against him. If that means pushing the woman who lit a fire deep inside him to the back burner, so be it.

Lola has never been relegated to back-burner status and has no intention of remaining on the sidelines. When she wants something, or someone, she goes all out, wearing her best designer shoes.

As Daniel’s stalker hits closer to home, Lola comes up with a plan to lure the antagonist into the open. Daniel is convinced, Lola is playing with fire. Where Daniel is concerned, Lola knows she’s leaving her heart exposed to an inferno that could consume her.

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