Wow! What a line up! Happy Reading everyone! 

Elle James, Show of Force:
Delilah DevlinElle JamesMelanie Jayne et al, Stranded A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology:
Riley Edwards, Claiming Tuesday:
KaLyn Cooper, SEAL in a Storm:
Donna Grant, Ignite:
Xavier Neal, Unleashed:
Corinne Michaels & Melanie Harlow, Imperfect Match:
Ivy Layne, Undone:
Rachel Van Dyken, Debase:
Rebecca Zanetti, Taken:
Author J S Scott, Entangled:
Tessa Bailey, Halfway Girl:
Lauren Rowe, Rockstar:
L.J. Shen, Pretty Reckless,
Louise Bay, International Player:
Author Heidi McLaughlin, Fighting For Our Forever:
Samantha Chase, Tangled Up in You:
Nicole Flockton, Seducing Phoebe:
Angel Payne, Light:
Nana Malone, Return of the Prince:
Author Toni Aleo, Dump and Chase:
Jordan Marie, Letting You Go:
Julia Kent, Fluffy:
Shayla Black, More than Tempt You:
Kristen Ashley, Slow Burn:
Tara Sivec, Just My Type:

My First NASCAR Race

These are the haulers. The cars go in the top. So cool! First time to a NASCAR race. So much to learn.


Ever watch that Charlie Brown cartoon where they sing that song NO DOGS ALLOWED? I heard that song in my head sitting outside a restaurant in Galveston last weekend while the rest of my family had lunch. But it was a lovely sunny day. Chewy and I enjoyed a walk along the wharf and my family brought me fried shrimp to eat in the car. I’m glad to see there are more places allowing dogs. I hate leaving my little guy in a crate (he’s not crate trained) and he’s getting old (13.5 years old) so he doesn’t understand and gets extremely anxious. I know he’s not around for much longer, so I try to make his life happy. Do you have a pet you love like family?

Books in the Ballroom

I’m going to be in Springfield, MO on May 4th for the Books in the Ballroom Author Event. If you’re in the area or close enough, come see me! More information at Books in the Ballroom

Look at all the lovely new books! Happy Reading!

Elle James, Soldier’s Duty:
Susan Stoker, Securing Brenae:
Susan Stoker & 1001 Dark Nights, Rescuing Macie:
Desiree Holt, Finding Redemption:
Becca Jameson, Mastering Rayne:
Lynn Raye Harris, Black List:
Sue Sue Phillips Coletta, Silent Mayhem:
Lynsay Sands, The Trouble with Vampires:
Lani Lynn Vale, Lord Have Mercy:
Brenda Rothert, Luca:
Author Chelle Bliss & Eden Butler, Kneel Down:
K.A. Linde, Cruel Fortune:
Kendall Ryan, Junk Mail:
K.L. Grayson, Stay With Me:
Geri Foster, Eye of the Storm:
Kennedy Fox, Baby Mine:
Skye Warren, Beauty and the Professor:
Lexi Blake, Chasing Bliss:
Naima Simone, The Lick Series Boxed Set:
Alexa Martin, Fumbled:
A.L. Jackson Author, Pieces of Us:
Lisa Renee Jones-Harrison, Her Submission:
Pamela Clare, Hard Target:

Thank you for reading my books!

As an author, I’m always amazed that people like reading my books! Readers are the reason I write. I like to tell stories that I would like to read and that I hope others would enjoy as well. This picture of me was taken at the Harlequin Office in Sydney Australia in February this year. One member of the staff there had me autograph a book for her mother who was thrilled to know I’d come to Australia. She was a fan who enjoyed reading my books. I was touched and so happy to sign a book for her. The point is, I’m very thankful for all the love and support my readers give me. You make me happy to do what I do.