Three Courageous Words

Mission 6, Book 3

On a mission to find and neutralize a Sudanese warlord stealing aid supplies and children from war weary refugees, Graham “Buck” Buckner reunites with his first love, a doctor working with the Doctors without Borders in a Sudanese refugee camp. When things get hot in the region, Buck attempts to get his pretty doctor out of harm’s way, even when she resists.

Dr. Angela Vega came to Africa to help people less fortunate who didn’t have access to healthcare. She didn’t expect to be swept off her feet by the one man who’d broken her heart in medical school. Graham Bucker had stolen her heart and suddenly left her in Chicago without explanation in the middle of the last session of medical school, only to turn up in Africa and carry her away from the job she’d trained so hard to do.

A young boy, a woman’s stubborn refusal to leave him without care and a chance to find the warlord, lead Buck and Angela on a dangerous journey through South Sudan in search of the terrorist wreaking havoc in the region. Neither will stop until they find risk capture by the terrorist’s minions.

Genres: Intrigue, Military Romance, and Romantic Suspense. Series: Mission 6. Themes: Military. Pen Name: Elle James.

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