Four Relentless Days

Mission 6, Book 4

Navy SEAL Harmon “Harm” Payne doesn’t believe in true love. He came to the All Things Wild Safari Resort for rest and relaxation. Everywhere he turns he’s running into the beautiful resort owner with a penchant for accidents. He can’t deny his physical reaction to her, but love… He’d been down that path and got burned before. Never again.

Talia Montclair had known deep, lasting, heartbreaking love. She’d left her home to follow her husband to Africa out of love and a shared passion for animals. When he died, he left her the resort and a broken heart. She never thought it possible to fall so completely in love again. Until she met Harm, the cynical Navy SEAL, who despite his gruff personality had a big, squishy heart buried beneath his rock-hard exterior. He just needed the right woman to get him to reveal it.

When poachers threaten the preserve, the resort and Talia, Harm pulls out all the stops and every bit of training and experience he’s received to save Talia and her dream.

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