Saving Savvie

May 23, 2023

Brotherhood Protectors Yellowstone, Book 6

Former assassin Savvie Sanders is captured by the family of one of her previous hits. She escapes but is trapped on the family’s fortress island, with no way off. She puts in a call for help from her old friend, fellow assassin, Kyla Russell.

Hunter hasn’t allowed himself to fall in love since his high school sweetheart drowned in an accident for which he blames himself. He’s spent his life punishing himself for his teenaged girlfriend’s loss. When he joins the Brotherhood Protectors Yellowstone team on a mission to rescue a former assassin, he never expected to challenge his vow to never love again.

The rescue mission takes a turn for the worse. Separated from the others, Savvie and Hunter escape, but the others are seized. While fighting their growing attraction, Savvie and Hunter navigate the island jungle in an attempt to evade their own capture and rescue the others.


Twisted Page Inc
May 23, 2023
ISBN-13: 978162695-110
ISBN-10: 162695-113

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