Saving Liliana

Brotherhood Protectors Yellowstone, Book 4

Abandoned by his mother, raised by a taciturn Marine, Dax joined the Navy to become a SEAL. Fast-forward twelve years later, he’s out of the Navy, done time as a mercenary and now works for Brotherhood Protectors. Never trusted women. Never married. Never wanted to.

Lawyer and motivational speaker, Liliana Lightfeather is running for the US House of Representatives for the state of Wyoming. From the Wind River Indian Reservation, she clawed her way out of poverty to become a lawyer representing her people and the rest of Wyoming.

After attempts on her life, she turns to the Brotherhood Protectors Yellowstone to see her through her campaign. Expecting an older woman as his assignment, Dax is disturbed to find she’s not old but very pretty. Thankfully, he’s immune to love…until he gets a taste of the woman’s passion. Dax fights unknown threats to keep her alive and in the process falls victim to the curse of love.


Twisted Page Inc
November 29, 2022
ISBN-13: 9781626953901
ISBN-10: 1626953902

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