Maliea’s Hero

August 6, 2024

Brotherhood Protectors Hawaii, Book 4

Ex-Navy SEAL, Reid Bennet left the military after his wife left him and took their daughter. Now in Hawaii, he’s working for Hank Patterson’s Brotherhood Protectors Hawaii division. With no intention of remarrying or having children he’s content with his current assignment on Kauai, providing security for the filming of a mini-series.


Maliea Kaleiopu works two jobs to support herself and her three-year-old daughter. When Maliea is attacked on her way home from a dance performance, she narrowly escapes, arriving home to find her apartment has been ransacked and her daughter’s room destroyed. Luckily her daughter was with a friend. Realizing the attacks weren’t random, she seeks help. Her friend, Tish, sends her to Kauai where the Brotherhood Protector who’d looked after her in her own time of need was staying. If anyone could protect Maliea, it was him.

After a long week of running interference between curious tourists and the temperamental cast and film crew, Reid returns to his cabana for much-needed rest. Rest isn’t in his cards when he discovers a woman and her child have taken up residence, claiming they need protection. Knowing the little girl will stir too many memories, Reid suggests they be assigned another protector. While waiting for his replacement, Reid rescues them from a fire that nearly kills all three of them. After the woman and the little girl wrap their arms around his neck, he’s hooked. He can’t let someone else take over the responsibility for their lives.

Reid works with the brotherhood searching for the person behind the attacks. He hopes to stop the aggressor before he makes good on his efforts to kill the mother and child who come to mean everything to Reid, despite his desire to leave his heart out of the equation.

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