Leilani’s Hero

Brotherhood Protectors Hawaii, Book 2

Disillusioned by the government running the country he loves, Navy SEAL Angelo “Angel” Cortez leaves the only job he knew to join the civilian world working for Brotherhood Protectors as they staff the Hawaiian branch of Hank Patterson’s brainchild. His first assignment literally lands in his lap when a local tour guide slips from a rocky ledge as she guides a tour group at a local waterfall.

Leilani is desperately working multiple jobs to earn enough money to rebuild the business her family had owned and operated for over 100 years. Fires decimated buildings and inventory, but not her spirit.  Now big businesses want to claim the real estate when natives can no longer make a living on their own property. Some big businesses are more aggressive in their tactics to force out locals.

Angel and Leilani navigate turbulent waters while trying to save her family heritage and expose the source of its sabotage. Int the process, they reveal a growing attraction neither anticipated and neither may survive to take it to the next level.

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