Croatia Collateral

December 3, 2024

Brotherhood Protectors International, Book 3

Former US Delta Force Operative, Dax Franklin is surprised to be teamed with a female, Giva Haviv, a former Israeli Sayaret Matkal operative for his first assignment with the Brotherhood Protectors International. All becomes clear when he learns the mission is to disguise as an influential power couple who owns global enterprises and infiltrate a meeting of the wealthiest people in the world.

Chosen because Dax looks and sounds like Evon Maas and Giva bears a striking resemblance to Maas’s fiancée Sasha Royce, they have to fool the rest of the gathering long enough to find out what economic coup is about to take place and stop it before it ignites WWIII.

In the ancient city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, amidst international intrigue where financial stakes and power are justifications to kill opponents, Dax and Giva must stay one step ahead of discovery or risk their lives and the safety of the millions worldwide.

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