Belgian Betrayal

September 3, 2024

Brotherhood Protectors International, Book 2

On his first solo mission with Brotherhood Protectors International, former British SAS operative, Bennett Ramsey is attacked and left for dead, floating in a canal in Bruges, Belgium. He’s fished out by the Russian spy he was sent to bring back, dead or alive.

In search of the truth about the murder of her family, Catya Rominov follows a trail of lies, deceit and cover-ups exposing the corruption of the government to which she’d sworn allegiance. The path of deception has led her to a picturesque town on the coast of Belgium and one of the men sent to kill her.

When she pulls him out of the water, she promises to nurse him back to health in exchange for his promise to help capture a former MI6 agent gone rogue. She’s certain he might be the key to discovering who was behind her family’s extermination and why.

Together, Bennet and Catya navigate a hostile trajectory on trains across Europe and a passion that threatens to crash through the barriers of their hardened hearts.

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