Boots & Wishes

Ugly Stick Saloon, Book 10

Audrey Anderson Gray Wolf, owner of the Ugly Stick Saloon, has been in love with Jackson for two years. Unbeknownst to any of their friends and family, they are working hard to make their baby dream come true. For six months, they’ve been humping like bunnies and so far…nothing. Six boxes of pregnancy tests and no blue line. Discouraged and starting to feel like sex is work, Audrey is about to give up and just enjoy the love of her life. A few more sexy attempts with her gorgeous husband can’t hurt. Their determination to make it fun, to ramp up the desire, makes them laugh.

Beth Murphy is on the run. Dragging her tiny trailer behind her truck, she runs out of gas between Temptation and Hole in the Wall, Texas, in the parking lot of the Ugly Stick Saloon. Broke, scared and in need of immediate employment, she’s trying to hide from her abusive cop ex-husband who ignores restraining orders and has threatened to take her baby away from her.

Audrey, ever the collector of strays, offers Beth work as a waitress and hooks her up with a woman who will care for baby Mia while she works. Emotionally drained by all the disappointment on the baby front, Audrey doesn’t want to hold Mia to keep the hurt from overwhelming her.  But when Beth comes under attack from her abusive husband, Audrey and Jackson can’t stand back and do nothing. They put their own baby plans on hold to help Beth and her infant girl.

Note: Originally published in 2014 with Samhain Publishing

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