Boots & Buckles

Ugly Stick Saloon, Book 9

She’s not interested in Rodeo Cowboys…

Mona Daley had her fill of rodeo cowboys when Grant Raleigh and his partner blew through town three years ago. A torrid affair, a promise to return and…nothing. She figured they left a girl in every cow-town. She wanted nothing to do with rodeo riders and only wanted to make enough money working the Ugly Stick Saloon during rodeo week to save her beauty salon.

Two men vying for one woman…

Tired of rodeo life, Grant is back, with a new roping partner in Sam Whitefeather, and ready to grovel at Mona’s feet for leaving and not coming back for three years. Only, Sam gets to Mona first. If Grant was a decent cowboy, he’d step aside and let Mona be happy with Sam, the better man. That is…if he thought she didn’t have feelings for him. But one look, one touch on the dance floor and he finds himself falling all over again. Determined to win her back, he sets out to woo the fair Mona out from under his partner’s grip. He knows he has a lot of convincing to do to get her back forever.

When it comes to Mona, competition might not be the winning ticket. Grant & Sam may have to compromise in the bedroom arena.

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