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Brotherhood Protectors World – Big Sky Wedding


Sky knows that he and Jamie are perfect for each other. Both prior-military, they met while they were stationed in the desert, and fate brought them back together in the Montana mountains. They love working together, love everything about the new life they share, however, for some reason Jamie’s been dragging her feet regarding wedding plans. After a particularly stressful time, they take a break. Sky heads out on a mission in the Gulf with the Brotherhood Protectors, and Jamie’s chasing a dangerous felon through the woods with her tracking dog, Tessa. Sky and Jamie have time to think about what’s really important, and when Sky returns and joins her on the trail, he has a plan to give Jamie the wedding of her dreams.


Sultry Seattle Nights


Six years after an insane one-night-stand with a hunky SEAL while serving in the military in Germany, Dr. Siobhan Monahan is back in Seattle raising the daughter they conceived that night. When she accidentally overhears her emergency room patients speaking about a planned attack on her city, she’s on alert and scared for herself, her daughter and the people of the city. Her first instinct is to get her daughter to safety and then call and old friend she’d met on active duty, Hank Patterson who owns a security firm, Brotherhood Protectors. He sends some of his men to keep her safe and to help thwart the attack before people are killed. One of his men just happens to be her one-night-stand from six years. Boy is he surprised.

J.B. Wayne, aka Atlas, has been with the brotherhood for five years after an injury sidelined him from the Navy SEALs. When his boss sends him to protect a woman and her family in Seattle, he’s surprised to find the woman he could never forget and she has a daughter with blue eyes, just like his. Temporarily setting aside his anger that Siobhan didn’t tell him he had a daughter, Atlas joins forces with Siobhan to discover the source and target of the pending attack, racing against time to stop the mercenaries before someone gets hurt. Working together rekindles their attraction and gives Atlas a chance to know his daughter. When the job is done, he’s determined to remain a part of their lives.

Turtle Power

So, I was looking up interesting, uplifting facts and came across this: Some turtles can breathe through their butts. … I can’t think of anything more uplifting than that!  You’re welcome…

Brotherhood Protectors World – Don Juan


Simone Reid is out on the town with three friends when she witnesses a gang shooting and murder at the Pied Piper Bar. Now, in addition to a horrible week spent trying to locate her missing father, she has to deal with a gang after her.

Former Marine, Liam ‘Don Juan’ Donovan, and his three teammates are in Chicago promoting Hank Patterson’s Brotherhood Protectors to the metro police department when they’re recruited to help on the Pied Piper murder. Liam spots Simone and immediately says he’ll take the redhead, but he couldn’t have guessed that protecting her would turn into a search for her missing father and his kidnappers.

Can this ex-Marine protect his heart from the sassy wildfire or will he become her Don Juan?


Special Price!

VOODOO ON THE BAYOU is snow 99 cents! It warms my heart to see it with a #1 Best Seller flag on it. Most of you don’t know that I like to write comedy. This book is so many things, but mostly, it will make you laugh. I love to laugh and hope you’ll give this book and this series a chance. Don’t we all need some humor in our lives today? Be happy and laugh a lot!

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