Rescued: A Collection of Short Stories

When the storm is bearing down, the building is on fire, or the enemy has stormed the compound, these are the men who come to the rescue. The strong and the brave, without a thought to their own safety, risk their lives to protect others. Only a courageous woman can save a tough guy when his heart is on the line.

This collection of short stories features the plights of men and women in jeopardy. Come along for the ride and immerse yourself in the fight, the fright and the ultimate sacrifices.

Sheltering Charlotte – Hometown sheriff’s deputy races to save the girl he loves from a killer storm

Besieged – Special Forces soldier rescues the ambassador’s daughter from a besieged embassy

Chasing Fire – Fire jumper jeopardizes his life while trying to convince the woman he loves to give her heart to a man who leaps into flames

Spirit of a Tiger – A soldier returning home missing a limb, is forced to face the woman he loves in the tiger’s den

Rescuing Alaska – Coast Guardsman leaps into frigid Alaskan waters and then braves a bear-ridden island to save a woman swept overboard

Note: These short stories appeared in various anthologies with other authors. This is the first time they’ve been compiled in a single-author anthology all by Elle James.