Montana SEAL Undercover Daddy

May 29, 2018

Brotherhood Protectors, Book 9

Jilted at 27, Kate Phillips focused on her career and left marriage and children to her little sister. She’s on track to realize all of her dreams, until her sister disappears, leaving her little girl on Kate’s doorstep. Normally awkward with children, Kate has a lot to learn about childrearing and cuddles. The lively three-year-old teaches Kate how to open her heart to the possibilities. But someone wants to find Kate’s sister, and is willing to use the child to lure her out of hiding.  Kate turns to the Brotherhood Protectors for a bodyguard with daddy skills.

Chuck Johnson lost his family in a car crash when his daughter was only 2 years old. Since then, he retired from the Navy, worked for the FBI and now works for the Brotherhood Protectors. He never intends on marrying again or having a family. Plans have a way of changing, and some families find each other. His mission is to find Kate’s missing sister while keeping the feisty, career-minded beauty and little girl safe. His challenge is to do so without losing his heart in the process.

Genres: Military Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Western Romance. Series: Brotherhood Protectors. Themes: Military and Western. Pen Name: Elle James.

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