Love & War

Texas Billionaires Club, Book 4

Sophie Keaton’s love life is a disaster.  Too busy with her art gallery and the Army National Guard, she rarely has time for a date. Her orderly existence takes a twist when her Army National Guard unit gets a new Company Commander, Captain Rick Jenkins, who dislikes the idea of women in the Army, particularly her, and proceeds to make her weekend drill miserable.

Sophie finally takes her love life in hand and goes out on a date.  Unfortunately, her date ends up in the emergency room, with an allergic reaction to her cat.  Her live-in brother, Bryce, feels sorry for her and offers to take her out to pick the “perfect man”.  When she finds Mr. Perfect, she spends a passionate night with him, and awakens to discover that Mr. Perfect is the self-righteous, and annoying Captain Jenkins!

Sophie’s only saving grace is that Captain Jenkins did not recognize her as the homely and klutzy lieutenant from his unit.  She is determined to avoid him, except when she is at her weekend drill, in hope that he doesn’t recognize Lieutenant Keaton as the woman with whom he made passionate love. This plan seemed easy enough until he moved in next door to her.

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