Hostage to Thunder Horse

Thunder Horse, Book 1

Discovering an unconscious woman in a snowdrift, rancher Maddox Thunder Horse vowed to save her life. How she had wound up in a remote area of the Badlands was a mystery, but the fear in the icebound beauty’s eyes revealed that it had not been by choice. The woman who called herself Kat roused protective instincts the Lakota native had thought long-dead….

Grateful for her rescue, Katya Ivanov didn’t want to pull Maddox into her nightmare. Someone wanted her dead, so the less he knew about her and her situation, the better. Still, the growing attraction between them couldn’t be denied—and neither could the killer who lurked in wait. But with a warrior by her side, she just might have a shot at the life—and love—she’d always wanted….

Genres: Intrigue. Series: Thunder Horse. Pen Name: Elle James.

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