Full Force

Declan's Defenders, Book 3

She saw something she shouldn’t have…
Now they want her dead.

Ever since she left the foreign embassy where she was working, translator Emily Chastain has been targeted by someone who wants to silence her permanently. Fearing for her life, Emily contacts Declan’s Defenders and is placed under former marine Mustang Ford’s protection. If only she could figure out why someone is trying to kill her—and how to contain her unlikely attraction to Mustang…


Harlequin Intrigue
September 1, 2019
ISBN-13: 9781335604583
ISBN-10: 1335604588

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When a pretty Russian interpreter finds herself in trouble a former Force Recon Marine is assigned to protect her from someone who wants her dead.

Emily Chastain, a mild-mannered college professor, moonlights as a Russian interpreter. After a gig at DCs Russian embassy, she’s targeted by a killer who won’t give up. She calls on a friend who works for a rich philanthropist who has set up a new organization, Declan’s Defenders, to help those who need it most.

Frank “Mustang” Ford was dishonorably discharged from the US Marine Corps for disobeying a direct order. Forced to leave the service, he has signed on with his former teammates as a part of Declan’s Defenders, an elite force of former Force Reconnaissance marines, vowing to help those in need. His first assignment is to protect the pretty college professor and help her determine who is after her and why he wants to kill her.

Together, the retrace her steps and question those folks she has come into contact with, to discover why she has a target on her back.

To protect Emily, Mustang has to be with her twenty-four-seven. The forced proximity lets to heightened awareness and an uncontrollable urge to kiss the pretty interpreter.

Having sworn off commitment for so long, Mustang is shocked to find himself wanting to be with this woman for more than just the length of the assignment. Independent all her life, Emily chafes at having her space invaded by the big marine. But her body betrays her whenever he’s near, craving his touch and wanting more than a casual handshake. While searching for answers, they lose the battle to remain impartial to the growing attraction blossoming between them.

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