As I’m writing this blog, I’m not writing my book MONTANA SEAL DADDY. I know, I know. I need to finish it by the end of this week, and I will. But I also need to let you know what’s coming up. Next Tuesday is the rerelease of MACK’S WITNESS. This book first came out under my Myla Jackson pen name, but it didn’t sell worth a crap because it was really an Elle James book. All about romantic suspense, adventure and military heroes. My Myla Jackson books are usually based around the Ugly Stick Saloon, fun, funny and sexy. Yeah, I confused my readers and they weren’t buying it from Myla. Now that I have the rights back from Samhain, I know you’ll love MACK’S WITNESS. I loved writing this book because I got to put a lot of my trip to Ireland in this story. From running into Irish Gypsies (called Traverlers) to staying in a castle bed and breakfast with its sassy proprietress. I hope to start writing book #3 soon, Ronin’s Return. I’m setting it in Venice, another place I visited and loved.

If you haven’t preordered your copy of MACK’S WITNESS, hurry! It comes out next Tuesday!

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I’ll be in Orlando when MACK’S WITNESS comes out at the Romance Writers of America National Convention. In fact, I’ll be listening to an Air Force Parajumper talk about how they rescue downed pilots. More fodder for more stories! And on Wednesday, LOVE & WAR releases! Again, I’ll be busy in workshops and meeting with editors and other authors. It’ll be a busy week in Orlando. I look forward to the party Harlequin always has where I’ll be recognized for my 50th Harlequin book. When I get home on Sunday, I’ll have 2 days to repack and jump on plane to Ottawa, Canada for the Romancing the Capital conference with Eve Langlais. I’ll be there from 2-6 August and then my husband will join me for some sightseeing in Canada until the 15th. Holy smokes! I’m so excited. I also hope to tour Harlequin’s headquarters in Toronto on that trip. Watch my FB. I’ll post pictures of my adventures!