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Take No Prisoner’s Book #9

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Navy SEAL, who once was a cowboy, and a sexy CDC biologist join forces to find biological warfare vials shipped to an unknown location in Montana

 After a tragic event in his youth, Raymond “Sting Ray” Thompson vowed never to return home to Eagle Rock, Montana, but a trail of treachery leads him back with some of the members of his SEAL team. Their mission: to locate vials of biochemical warfare shipped to Eagle Rock, Montana as retribution for destroying the Ethiopian factory generating it. His team joins forces with a group called the Brotherhood Protectors to ferret out the buyer and halt the release of the deadly toxin into the environment.

When Lilly Parker’s brother Bear, requests her immediate assistance for an emergency in Montana she drops what she’s doing at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta and catches the next flight to Bozeman. Upon arrival, she discovers the potential for a biological apocalypse. Working with Bear’s new boss and a team of SEALs, under the guise of recreational cross country skiers, she isn’t prepared for the terrain, the weather and a love-hate attraction to Stingray, a smart-mouth, arrogant Navy SEAL.