Fall is still lagging behind in my neck of the woods. It’s halfway through November and we are just now getting cooler temperatures in NW Arkansas. However, we’re getting some lovely color.

My youngest daughter is at Army Basic Training and I watch the mailbox like a vulture ready to pounce when the mailman comes. She’s doing well and making us very proud. We had choices for Thanksgiving. Go to my folks, go to my husbands folks’ home, but we decided to stay at our home. My oldest daughter, her family and my son will be here. We’ll miss the youngest, but it won’t stop us from feasting!

I’ll be cooking a big turkey with all the fixings and my favorite…pies! I like to make apple, lemon meringue, pecan and my favorite…sweet potato! I hope you all have a lovely November, spend some time with family and get started on your Christmas shopping!