Guarding Aurora


He saved her once and had to walk away.
Now he has a second chance, and he’s not going anywhere!

Delta Force Team member, Jasper “Raptor” Ramsey was in the wrong place at the right time when he pulled an injured woman from the carnage on the streets of Paris. But before he could find out her name, his unit was activated, and he had to walk away without knowing her fate.

When terrorists rip apart her life and dreams one fateful night, Aurora “Rori” Prince abandons Paris and returns home to Eagle Rock, Montana. As she tries to put the past behind her, her bakery becomes a target. When Sadie Patterson and her baby barely escape injury in the latest attempt against Prince’s Patisserie, Hank Patterson of the Brotherhood Protectors arranges security for Rori and the bakery.

When Raptor’s latest assignment for Eagle Security & Protection Services takes him to Montana, the last thing he expects when he arrives is the woman he’d all but given up hope to find. With a second change to protect her, can he keep her safe and win her heart?

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